Top 5 Free Indian Chatting Sites Online

A big portion of Internet users is using it to make new friends online. Chatting online is fun and one of the best modern ways to make new friends living worldwide. Are you one of many chatting freaks and love to chat in your free time? If yes is your call, then this article is nothing less than a boon for you, as here I am going to share the list of top 5 Indian chatting sites which you can use to make friends in India online.

1. Omegle India

This site is a highly popular name in the online chatting world. Millions of people use it everyday to chat with random people living world. You can get connected to random people living in different parts of world in no time, and can start having chat with them.

The type of people you get to chat with on this popular chatting site is what all depend upon the 'Interests' you enter in the field that seeks it. Omegle India looks for random people as per the interests you enter. So that you get Indian people most of the time, just fill the interest field with interests that are common among Indians.

2. All India Chat

Allindiachat is the next big name in online chatting field. It's yet another site to have chat with random strangers living all over the world. Since this chatting site is quite famous among Indians, so chances are quite high that you will come across Indians most of the times. By having chat with them, you can be friend with them if their interest area matches yours.

best indian chatting sites

3. Tohla

No account creation, no login process, nothing. Just log on to the site and you are all set to chat with people sitting all over the world. Just like above listed chatting websites, since millions of Indians use this site everyday, so chances of making Indian people your friend are quite high.

4. Chat Bazaar

Did not like any of the above mentioned site due to one reason or another? Chances of happening so are rare, but still, if that's the case with you, you may like trying out chat bazaar, yet another popular chatting website making its appearance in Indian chatting sites list. Interface of this chatting site is quite friendly and intuitive and you can have the chat started with random people in no time.

5. TalkDesi

Last in this list of best Indian chatting sites is talkdesi. Just log on to the website, let the chatting room load, and you are all done. Start chatting with random people sitting in different parts of world. This site has got a special feature that searches only for people who live near to you.

This way you can make those people your friends online whom you can have chance of meeting in real as well. Friendship done in this way is better than just 'online' friendship, right?

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