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Big Cam is one of most popular webcam chat sites over the internet. It is free of cost and provide video as well as text chat. Partner for you will appear on the screen randomly. You can continue chatting or can skip to see the next paired partner. So it's completely random match made by the system. It is very easy to use as it is user friendly website.

Similar to wowchat, No registration or sign ups needed to use the website. To start the chat you just have to on your webcam and click a start option of your window. This reduced tedious work of form fillings. You can do video chat through the webcam like you are talking to the stranger face to face.

You should have microphones attached to your system to talk online. Other than video chat you can opt to text your partner via messenger box. This all are basic features provided by popular chatting websites. Which makes the website unique is the popularity through marketing.

System randomly selects the person at the other end and make a pair. You can't get any details or information about that person. So you can decide to chat with the person by judging over his appearance on screen. You can restrict your conversation matches by specifying distance you prefer.

big cam chat

Bigcam will display location of the person you are chatting with and distance of the person from your location. When a person randomly appears on your screen as a match, you can skip until you are interested to chat with that person. The person on the other end can also skip you so be aware of your appearance. It is recommended to keep your information private.

Big-cam is moderated continuously to maintain comfortable environment for chatting. Moderating the website reserves the privilege of banning users permanently who are found exposing private parts or doing any weird things.

You can also report if you find anything wrong by clicking on report button. Website gives interesting options of games also. You can play games with the user at other end. There are games like tic-tac-toe and Tetris which we can play while chatting.

In an all big cam is addictive, interesting, attracting and fun. It is available in different languages however you can find blog section in French only. Despite the continuous moderation you may get across people doing some unusual actions. You can try the website as it is free and easy to use.


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