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Age doesn't matter when you like someone as a friend or as a partner. Talkdesi provides a platform to prove that so. You can now chat with our desi people across the world. Everyone has their own choice about the people they would like to talk. This site kept this concept in place and provides feature to select person to talk with according to your specific choice.


To group the people and chats based on their choices and chatting topics, various chat rooms are there. Region wise chat rooms like all India chat, Pakchat Masti, Afghana World Chat, Kerala Chat, US Asian Chat and UK English Chat are also available. You can choose chatroom whichever you feel comfortable with. Based on gender, language, accent and region you can select your chatroom.

Extending the chatroom feature this site has subcategories inside each chatroom. Assume if you like to talk about movies, you can join Bollywood classroom in which you can accordingly select the subtopic. You can chat about movie previews, trailers and many streams of Bollywood chatroom.

talkdesi chat rooms

Chat Safety requested to keep your personal details secret. You can use other nicknames for chatting. Security measures taken in the site is like prevention better than cure. Don't trust anyone you are chatting with in the chatroom and don't disclose your name address or any contact number.

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In the era we are living emoji's took place of all emotions. Like emoji's becomes a necessary part while chatting. This site kept this comfort for you. It provided large pool of emoji's to enjoy the chatting with emotion expression.

How to start chat?

To start chat, enter your desire nickname and tick any of one button: java, flash and mobile. Now click the connect button, now new chat room will appear where you can chat with random strangers.

Some prerequisites are there to use talkDesi. You have to install some add-ons before starting chatting experience. Nothing to worry about. This site provides provided links for add-ons you may need to download from external sources. You need java to be installed in your system for the working of this chatrooms.

Site provides completely examined and secured add-ons used all over the world. You must be above 13 year to use this site for chatting with unknown person online. You need to install iframe and embed it with your browser to chat through this site.

Laziness and can be interpreted as style gave birth to chat abbreviations. Sometimes the abbreviation may be interpreted wrong as per region and language. So site requested to use minimum abbreviations. To keep chat abbreviations universal this site provided list of chat abbreviation.

You can use these abbreviation and the person chatting at other end will interpret it form this same list. This will help keeping misunderstandings away and make a friendly environment to enjoy your chatting with desi people.

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