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Remember the Internet Relay Chat (IRC) days? Back in time IRC was the only available chat protocol yet it connected plenty lot of people across different corners of the world. Now that chat engines have changed a lot; the old school chat technologies are still appealing to most people, especially the teens!

Today's generation hasn't encountered how it felt like on IRC chats; because the smartphone based chat networks are lot different. is an online based chat platform where one can just start chatting with random people even without logging in. It's only been a few years since USA chat now is around, however it's growing at an exponential rate.

How to start chatting on USA Chat Now?

To allow other chatters to add and know you, you need to create a profile. For just getting into chatting without disclosing your identity, you could join the chat with a guest ID with limited functionality. However, using an ID is recommended and if you are comfortable enough put up a profile picture as well. However, a real profile picture is not needed. Just put a photo that's not something you shouldn't be putting.

The username you pick is your ID. You can choose anything that’s available. The platform algorithm wouldn’t allow using explicit or harassing nicks, though. You might just pass through the initial verification but expect to get banned in the long run.

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Every individual profile is public when they are in a chat room. Choose color schemes to make your profile look distinguishable. You could view others profiles just as they could see yours. Using a moderate sized font is recommended, no larger than 4 or 14.

What shouldn't be done?

A chat room is a public community where you are supposed to behave well. Make meetings and greeting over the USAChatNow virtual arena, try not making enemies. Sexually explicit conversations and/or hate speeches will result in getting banned. This chat network is teen-heavy and proper manners should be kept.


People on review websites have rated 80% and above scores for USA Chat Now. The network is growing very fast and getting popular as well. For decent fun and getting to know people, you may pay a visit.

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