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Abv chat is an online chat website created to establish online interaction between two or more people. The Idea is to meet new people and expand the friends circle. This chat website was introduced in Bulgaria with a view to interact socially with random people.

The Abvchat.com is governed by Shake It management system and has an easy user interface system. Making an account is easy all one needs to do is select any one out of six channels as per their choice and interest, create a nickname and enter input. That's all is needed to enter this chat room. Their groups as well as individual chat rooms too, and anyone can select whichever mode of chat they want.

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The chat site is designed keeping in mind the users need. All the main channels are right on the home page which lets the user enter a chat room selecting his own preference and interest. There is a box which shows all recent updates and topics and any matter of importance to the site.

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Similarly, there is a box that shows recent updates of its popular users. The native language is Bulgarian and is mostly intended to the Bulgarian population. The site has few users since their main target is to make social interaction available among the Bulgarian and neighboring locals.

All the information about the site is available which includes how the venture was started and all the changes that took place. The site is well governed keeping in mind the sentiments and the privacy of its users.

However, there are matters of adult topics that can be entered into only with the users consent and understanding the terms and condition. The site is based for teens and youngsters, as they are known to be active in the internet world.

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Abv chat is a breakthrough chat UAT for Bulgarian as it increases more interaction between locals itself. It may not be internationally spread and is more focused in capturing the local markets. Abvchat now is regulated well as compared to when it was launched and makes sure to keep updating the interface for better experience.

Link: abvchat.com

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