Top 5 Free Proxy Sites to Unblock Omegle

Omegle sometimes blocks the users without any reason. This may be due to some people reporting the other users as spam. Omegle just blocks the user based on the spam report. This way many users are blocked to log in to Omegle and they may have to look for alternative proxy sites for logging in for the chatting purpose. For such a case, we have posted an article on ways to remove ban from omegle.

Below are few proxy sites which help in unblocking the Omegle. There are some settings which one has to set in the personal computer to access the proxy site. The explorer's setting can be changed by enabling the cookies option by going into the options menu and also by disabling the scripts and objects. There is unmoderated section in omegle which can used if you are blocked from the website.

1. SurfHidden

This is one of the best proxy sites available for unblocking Omegle. Users can enjoy no restriction and uncensored access to the Omegle using this site. This site allows people to be anonymous and helps in bypassing the restrictions from any network. There are not many advertisements which get published while using this website. This site can be directly accessed by going into this proxy site. It is very easy to use and gives a clean service.

2. Unblock sites

This proxy site helps to enter into the site for free!! Users can easily chat on the site, without getting any ban message. Just by typing the address of the site and clicking the "Go" button, users can easily access the Omegle site. The service is good and there are no ads. This is one of the best proxy sites for unblocking the Omegle. This is one of the best proxy websites, because of lesser advertisements and zero cost.

Proxy Sites to Unblock Omegle

3. Kproxy 

Kproxy is free to use but for some additional features users may have to pay. There are no advertisements on the site. The user has to just go to the website and click on the surf option. Portable version of this site is available. Downloadable version is also available. One can directly start chatting by entering this website. This site removes network blockage if any, and gives the user access to Omegle without any issues.

4. Unblock a website

This is a good option but some things as described earlier have to be set. Going to the setting option in explorer and clicking on "allow cookies" and removing the mark from "remove scripts" and ‘remove objects’ helps in getting access to proxy sites. However, in this option 'Google Translator' does not work and it allows chatting only with the local users.

5. Post48 

Post48 is one of the best proxy websites if Omegle is blocked. The user has to just enter the website in this and he is ready to chat. This proxy site is famous for no advertisements and hassle free online chatting options. It is very easy to use and available free of cost. People with little or no experience can use this as well.

Websiteproxy, hideoxy, hidebux, youproxy, proxyunblocker are some other useful sites. Hope above listed proxy websites worked for you. Still if you are facing problems in accessing the website, you should try other video sites like omegle available on internet.

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