Omegle.TV - Another Omegle Clone for chatting Online

Omegle.Tv is another random chat web based platform that has been there since around one year and we got to know that about some days ago. Well that's ridiculous, maybe for us, but the people who are targeted to use Omegle tv actually knew about it long ago. At least that's what I felt when I had taken looks down few comments on some random chat platform reviews.

It is a random chat platform that allows two random stranger to chat over their webcams; meeting and greeting. Some people have asked us if Omegle is okay and safe for kids. To our judgment, no, it's not okay for your kids. Because Omegle introduces two totally random strangers and there aren't many strict policies about nudity as well. In fact, there are next to none.

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So the way introduces to people is kind of weird, yet it's fun. You are identified as 'You' on the Omegle screen, while the person you are meeting for the first time is titled as "Stranger". That's the procedure to start chatting; however, things don't need to stay such confidential. After chatting for a while if both sides agree to give up their identity, they can just share the name, location and some other personal information.

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There are mixed reactions to the fact that teens are using the website to a greater extent. It's a fifty-fifty situation because some teens are chatting safe while the rest are sometimes even meeting the strangers and falling into danger. No parent would want to expose their precious teenage children to strangers who are out there with sharp claws to literally rip humanity off.

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Okay, let’s not be much dramatic. The website isn't rotting kids much yet, but they must be supervised since the activities on Omegle tv aren't restricted to any definite policies.

If it's not for the kids but you, a full adult, then go ahead because the website is full of fun. Make fun of people and let them do the same to you, or maybe you can even find your perfect soul mate. Consider the worst case scenarios into account as well; how about you give up all your information to a serial killer without even knowing what have you done?

As you can see, such a random chat platform has both advantages and disadvantages; it's all about how you handle the platform and bring out the ultimate fun.

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