How to Make New Friends Online

Many a times it happens that we just feel deprived of friends. We desperately look for new friends with common interests just like us and this is when we turn our attention to internet; it has the pool of people from all the corners of the world after all, so much so that if you look for a person you will find tens of people with same names.

So there is no harm looking for friends online just that you should not sound/look desperate for it and you should not fall prey to some malicious people online. This whole friend-making spree should be subtle and people should not come to know about your venture. Here is some easy methods to make friends online safely.

1. Through Social sites:

The social websites are many ranging from much popular Facebook and Twitter to Friendsies and BigFriendo.

 Make New Friends Onlinea) Facebook 

Change your privacy settings: Change your personal settings to allow anyone to send you friend requests. You should also have this choice of selecting the people you want to friend. Edit the settings by:
Setting > Privacy> Who can send you friend requests?

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Apps and Games: For Facebook has many gaming platforms, one can easily find the people with same interests as them here. These games have chat options in multi-player games so it would be a nice way to start a conversation which who knows may turn into a nice friendship. Most importantly it would not sound desperate which in other cases may seem like to the receiver.
  • Make sure you talk decent.
  • Make sure you have put your display picture up. This would add creditability to the unknowns you may talk to or they would consider your profile to be a fake one. So even if you are not confident about your looks.
Join Activity groups and pages:

The groups and pages of various interests are created on Facebook where one can meet people. Comment on posts and be regular there. You can surely find someone with matching frequency. Like on people's comments and appreciate thoughts of people through personal messages. Only one tip – Be decent with comments and messages.

b) Twitter

Follow people with similar interests. Be decent and intellectual with comments and that day won't be far when people would like to follow you.

c) Friendsies

It's a dedicated site for making you meet people with similar frequency. Fill and make a simple profile and you will get the link to people's profile directly in your inbox.

d) BigFriendo

It's a site where you can help and get help form people regarding various issues, look for active partners for shopping and other activities in your city and get associated with people of common interest.

Let your interest be out and the second moment they will match you by giving references in your inbox to talk to/get help or anything. Voila! You can get some new people to talk to and become online friends with.

2) Through Free chat Sites:

Online chat sites can be also helpful to find new friends from all around the world. There are hundreds of free chatting services available on internet  Try your luck from our Free chat sites list.

3) Through online dating sites:

These kinds of sites are particularly made for dating purpose. You can simply sign up or continue as guest into the chat rooms. You will get in touch with people from all the corners of the world in flash of a second.

There are zillions of sites like them. The problem is whatsoever the moderators may try, they are not able to stop the type of content and cams the people put and show.

A few concerns:

1. People cannot be trusted. Even if they (websites) say every account is verified and is real still the personalities cannot be assured of.

2. You should not be vulnerable in the sake of looking for friends. If you are actually meeting someone for the date, keep someone informed about your whereabouts.

3. If you are under 18 then you must not use these sites. A big NO NO for under agers.

4. You should not trust anyone especially if it's money matter. Do not give your bank account details or any kind of personal details to anyone you meet on these sites despite the best luring offers they may give.

5. Report any kind of abuse or misbehavior or blackmailing activity to the moderators and lock those malicious people.

Some of the popular dating sites are,,,,, and

So now that you have got some tips for making friends online you are now ready for the look up. The last tip (repeated tip) is that you should be safe in this venture. Go through the profiles well before you add them so that you don't invite problems for yourself. If you feel you are stuck in some problem, talk to your elders.