How to next or Skip Strangers on Omegle

Omegle is the one of most active video chat services on web. is a very powerful video chatting platform where you can get up to 40000+ active users at any instant.

In our blog, we have posted many solution for the issues that people are facing while using this service. Today we are going to discuss about simple problem that often new users are facing. That problem is: How to next or skip people on omegle?

how to next on omegleNew user do you know Omegle introduces the Dorm chat!

Well, its a simple and easy task. Suppose you are chatting with random stranger. There are two method to skip that stranger and connect to next stranger.

Shortcut Method: Press "ESC" button two times from your computer, you will be disconnected immediately. Now press "new chat" blue button to connect with next people. You can use method while text as well as video chatting.

Long Method:  Press the "stop" button available on lower left of chat screen. Now click "Really" button, that's all done. Now you can use "New" button to connect with another online user. Repeat the process to chat with different people from all around the world.

Hope, these methods are helpful to skip the current stranger and connect with next one on omegle. Let us know via comment, still you are facing same problem.