FireChat Anonymous Chat: Offline Android app Introduced

With the Launch of the FireChat app on iOS in just under two weeks, Open Garden has attracted everybody's attention. It caused quite a ripple as it is one of the iOS7 pioneer apps to utilize the Multipeer Connectivity Framework from Apple.

This simply means that the app will use an interconnected network involving local iPhones to come up with a localized Anonymous chat community; this is possible even without a network connection. And now, users on Android. As we speak, FireChat's Android version is accessible on Google Play Store.

However presented in a slightly different user interface, it functions just the same way the iOS app does, users can utilize it with anonymity. Despite the fact that Android lacks Apple's Multipeer Framework technology, the good guys at Open Garden have tirelessly worked on applying mesh networks to enable users share network connections.

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And Now, Open Garden uses a home built framework to drive Fire Chat for android users. Maximum range for the Android connections is nearly 30 feet, but the multi-hop network capabilities by Open Garden promise a far wider distance if more and more opt to use the app.

 Nevertheless, due to the incompatible nature of their mesh networks the Android and iPhone versions cannot be able to exchange information especially if users wish to stay off line.

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The good news however, is that FireChats's universal chat mode is interoperable with either version, and regardless of the company’s  endeavors  to get rid of spam, the internet still proves to be unruly. But at the end of the day choosing to be anonymous does not usually make the best of people.

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Immediately after its launch on iOS, the FireChat app rapidly climbed up into the top 10 lists of various locally available App Stores, and with this Android launch, chances are that it will do even better.