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Whenever we think it's the dead end and now nothing can beat the existing scenario, someone or the other proves us wrong. Their unique and never thought before ideas leave us dumbstruck and give a whole new meaning to things.

We are talking about chat sites and messengers. There were numerous messenger like yahoo widely used all over the world already and then came in existence the concept of smiles or "emotion icons" (emoticons).

We did like them. Didn't we? Well, we surely did because we become excited seeing those new emoticons every time. So, for the 'sake' of invention there was nothing much in scope but these emoticons.

Year after year, people tried to bring freshness in emoticons used in chatting by new ideas, cartoons and caricatures.

snapchat chat app
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Now when we thought this area is stagnant and we would get nothing new but just new set of emoticons every month, we got a pleasant surprise. Who could have thought something this intelligent like sending our real emotions instead of those dummies?

The founders of Snapchat brought up this idea of sending snaps along with chat. There are times when the true emotions cannot be expressed via the emoticons.

Voila! Snap chat is there for us now. A quick snap should not end up being viral on the social networks therefore there is this feature of self-deleting timer with it. These snaps can be set to have a timer ranging form 1 to 10 seconds after which the snap will get deleted on its own.

How to get started?

Download the chat app on your smartphone(Andriod and iOS)  from the play store and register yourself (there is no option for Facebook or Google login).

Once you are done with registration process you will see the people in your contact list who are there on or if they are not you can invite them as well. The UI is quite interactive and easy to use.

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Why Snapchat is a 'WOW'?
  • If you are parent then you must know that Snap chat is for adults only. The good thing is there is a special version of Snapchat for your children called 'Snapkidz'. f someone enters his age less than 18 then they are automatically directed to Snapkidz.  The Snapkidz allows kids to take pictures and videos and lets them save locally. It doesn't allow sending them to anyone so it's safe to use for kids.
  • Features like editing pictures and adding doodles are fun are interesting.
  • Its self-destructing feature is a plus.
  • Recording a video option available (7 seconds; not so high on quality).
  • Supports normal chat as well.
  • By default one can send and receive pictures to strangers as well. We can change our privacy settings to receive snaps only from our friends.
Why Snapchat could turn out to be bad?
  • A hack reported recently claims to have hacked personal information of more than 4.6M users including their phone numbers.
  • If we are not available with our phone, we won't see the picture and it may self destruct itself.
  • A few seconds is enough time to create replicas by taking snapshots from mobiles or other photo capturing devices.
  • Many software like SnapBox available which save the pictures automatically.
  • Some say the pictures are never deleted. They are just hidden and are still traceable in the database.
  • We cannot share the already existing photos form the photo Gallery. We have to click them then and there.
Now weigh these "wow" and not so "wow" points in a weighing scale and decide if you should have this app in your smartphone.

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