Omegle introduces the Dorm chat! [College Chat]

Omegle known to be as a free online chat website allows users to talk with strangers without registering to the site. It supports only on to one session pair to chat at random. It’s amazing that the site was developed by Leif K Brooks of Vermont who was only 18 years old.

The website started in March 25th 2008 and gained an instant response of around 150,000 views per day. The site is now available as mobile apps for mobile users.

Omegle is still recognized as the only free online chatting site that pairs up users to strangers at random. In support to text chat the site has also introduced video mode in 2010 which facilitates to communicate with the use of microphones and webcams.

omegle dorm chatThe very next year it added a new feature as a beta version called Spy mode that allows users to have two options that facilitates to ask question of one stranger to be asked to the other stranger.

Later in the year 2012 introduced a new option to input interest of your choice. With this feature allows the users to be paired having similar interests in common thereby avoids pairing with strangers unconditionally.

With the continuous update done on part of Omegle in the year 2013, it allowed streamed videos to view only for adults with age exceeding 18 and providing a moderate regulatory video section for age of 13.

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To the progress latest in 2014 Omegle is now experimenting its new feature called Dorm Chat which is valid to users who provide e mail address ending with .edu and must be associated to any of the college or university in particular.  This new feature allows the users to chat with his or her classmates or colleagues on Omegle site.

The best thing about is that it's free to use and is powered with both video and text chat. Have fun!!!