Top 5 Free Online video conferencing sites

In this fast-paced and tech-savvy world where meetings and trainings are held over the Internet, it is very important to have the right tool installed on your system.

It has now become an easy task to communicate and have face-to-face chat with people across the globe, thanks to the development of technology. This provides the opportunity of expanding your business from local market to international platform and takes your business to a new level.

Online video conferencing simply eliminates the cost spent on traveling to farther places and also saves a lot of time that can be used otherwise for some productive tasks. Besides, online video conferencing also enhances your online meeting experiences.

Free Online video conferencing sites

However, there are many online video conferencing websites that are available, but you certainly need that tool that is not only easy to use but also loaded with some useful and rich features. Take a look at some of the free online video conferencing sites.

 1. MeetingBurner

MeetingBurner logoThis is one of the most popular site for conducting meetings online and collaborating with colleagues and business associates. MeetingBurner lets you share your screen for better understanding and proves to be an ideal choice for webinars. Besides, Skype integration, recording and sharing at just one click, and conference lines make it to be in great demand amongst many professionals. Moreover, fast loading time and easy to use interface make it ideal for online meetings. Plus, you get to see the analytic that enables you to see the reaction of your clients on your content. Best of all, this service can be used for free.

2. AnyMeeting

anymeeting logoLoaded with rich features and functions, Anymeeting is an amazing tool that meets the growing demands of online video conferencing. With the ability of meeting upto 200 people, this application proves to be an ideal choice for large corporate meets. Features such as screen sharing, phone conferencing, follow-up, recording, and more make it suitable for professionals who travel frequently and have clients across the borders. All you need to do is download a small plugin that facilitates screen sharing.

3. TokBox Video Chat

tokbox logoThis is another popular video conferencing site that lets you conduct meetings online and allows you to take your business to a new level. One of the reliable features of the TokBox video chat is that it allows upto 20
participants. What’s more, with the integration of social media tools like Facebook and Twitter, you can instantly communicate with your clients.

4. BuddyMeeting

buddymeeting logoWith the support of up to 25 participants at the same time, BuddyMeeting is an open source tool that proves to be beneficial for video conferencing and online meeting or training programs. What's more, this site supports chat, voice, and video and also lets you share your presentation slides. This free plugin offers a user-friendly interface and enables you to easily navigate it.

5.  Mikogo

mikogo logoThis is another great website that meets the need of online meetings and web conferencing. It allows up to 10 participants at a time and is integrated with all major features such as switching between the presenters, meeting recording, screen sharing, and ability to pause while sharing. This great tool is reliable for small businesses and for teams where trainings are conducted online.

With these web conferencing tools, the chances of missing out an important meeting while you are away from office or traveling are matter of past now.