Omegle Tumblr: Funny omegle conversations, trolls & pranks is a very popular website which many of us use for online video chatting with strangers from any part of the world. There are near about 30,000 people available for free video chat at any particular time from any part of the world.

Also the user does not require any kind of profile sign up or login procedure to start the video chat with other person. All you need to do is to click on the "Start the chat" button and a random person will be brought in front of you for chatting.

omegle troll pranksIn case you do not like the person, you can always change him or her by clicking on "next" button and you will be connected to any other person in less than a second.

The users of Omegle always have an option whether they would like to show themselves on the video or nor and whether they want to do video or just text chat with strangers.

Many times the other person is just taking fun of you and has no motive of making new friends. We can see a lot of examples of such chats on the famous micro blogging and social networking platform Tumblr.

A lot of users are posting their nonsense and funny chats with others which they had on Omegle on Tumblr which is now becoming famous by the name of Omegle Tumblr.

It is now becoming a trend and we can see every other person is taking a screenshot of his or her funny chat conversations, trolls, pranks etc. on Omegle and then posting it on Tumblr for the sake of popularity.

But whatever this may be, a popularity stunt, or a way to popularize the site, all these chat posts have turned into one of the best ways for time pass and has attracted a lot of audience in the meantime.

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