5 Ways to Remove Omegle Ban

Omegle is one of the most popular website on which you can chat with strangers online. The website works in a very simple manner, one by one a random stranger from any part of the world will appear on the screen, and you can start talking to him directly if you want or even you can change the person if you don't like him or her.

For safety purpose Omegle have a set of rules that if not followed by the user will ban him from the website forever. Although the monitoring system of the website is not perfect and many times the users are banned from Omegle without any reason.

omegle banSo to solve this problem we have brought to you 5 methods by which you can unban yourself from this famous online chatting website.

1. Changing your System's IP Address

The first method is very simple and effective by which you can easily unban yourself from Omegle. The first thing that you need to do is to check your IP Address by pressing the Windows+ R button. "Run" dialogue box will appear on the screen where you need to type "cmd" and hit enter.

Now in the command prompt window type "ipconfig" and press enter and your machine's ip address will appear on the screen.

Now disconnect from the internet and connect again. You ip address will be changed which you can confirm by repeating the above steps and it is done.

2. Unplugging Modem Cable

If your PC's IP address did not change from the above method, you can unplug the net connection cable from the modem and then insert it again after 5 min. This is going to change the IP address of your PC.

3. Unblocking Omegle Online

If you do not want to put much effort, you can always take help of online services which unblock the websites locked because of your IP address. Few of these sites are Unblocksit, Anonymouse, BlewPass, Kproxy etc.

4. Changing Adobe Flash Manager Setting

You can also be blocked from Omegle because of fake cam. So you can easily unblock yourself by clearing the flash player record and you can easily go back and chat on Omegle.

5. Making Use of VPN Software

The VPN services basically help in keeping all of your browsing records safe and secure by not keeping the record of your browser history. It also helps the user to make use of various countries IP's so that your IP becomes difficult to track.

6. Send Feedback to Omegle's Staff:

Sometime sending feedback to their staff also works, politely ask them to remove ban. Read more @ How to Get Unbanned from Omegle.

These were few of the methods that you can use and make new friends from all over the world.

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