Chatroll Review - Live Social Chat Rooms for Websites

Chatroll is a very popular online social chatting platform consisting of thousands of users from all over the world. Basically is different from old traditional online chatting sites that offer one to one interactions; instead of one to one interactions it is a kind of a portable chat room where you can chat with multiple people at a time.

Chatroll is also used by many Multinational companies in order to hold interactive events among the various users present in a chatroom.

chatrollThere is also an option provided to the users to connect to the representatives of the same firm and also among each others.

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Traditional websites fail to create a more socially active environment while on the other hand Chatroll is able to create a whole new level of interactions among the users.

It is also able to provide social media integration in order to expand the tracking as well as detailed checking and analytics so as to measure its impact.

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To use Chatroll you need to install a plug-in which is quite very easy and all you need to do is to copy and then paste a code.

There are also certain premium plans that are offered by Chatroll raging from $9 per month to $199 per month, totally depending upon the features that the user wishes to use and the number of participants expected by him.

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However, all the paid plans of Chatroll consist of a two week trial which is free of cost and allows the user to host as many chat events as he or she likes during the complete month.

Certain other features that are offered to the users are real time answering of questions, live streaming of videos, online seminars and a lot more.

Also the participants can answer your queries, web surveys, feed backs and also even live demos.

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