Chatous: Random Text Chat with Strangers

Chatous is a very famous online chatting website on which you can chat with an anonymous person coming from any part of the world. You can chat on your favorite topics with them as the connections that you will be making through the website are going to be real as well as rich.

The website also offers its user's option to add the person whom you like as a friend and take you talks to much more friendly level by sharing photos among each other.
chatous text chat with strangers

When you are going to open the website you are going to receive an option to chat on your PC or to download the Chatous application on your Smartphone. After you choose to start the user is required to create a profile if you are new user or login of you are already having a profile on this site.

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After signing up or logging in the user can immediately connect to a random person and start chatting. The website provides an important filer option using which the users can find the people specifically interested in particular topics to chat on.

This could be done by using the #hashtag and you will automatically be connected to a person possessing a similar hash tag.

There is also an option using which the user can protect its identity and change his or her display name anytime according to their wish. The new display name set could be searchable or non-searchable as per the user's desire.

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Also the user can any the conversation anytime they want temporarily as well as permanently. Chatous is also available on various platforms like Android as well as iOS where you can easily chat as well as share files easily.

The website is a really nice platform for sharing your ideas with people who want to talk on the same topic. Many times you can find people who are fake and really no interested in talking about the things that you like; at that moment you can always replace the person with some one other and will surely find a perfect partner to share your thoughts with.