Mig33 Free Mobile Chat Rooms - Login & Download Instructions

Mig33 is a social networking messenger which allows you to chat with your friends, play games with your friends, tweet, follow people and connect through other social networks.

It also has a blogging feature. It is a chatting messenger which not only lets you chat but also to send across free SMS and voice calling (through mig33 credits).

Mig33 Sign Up:  There are two way to sign up a new account. First method is using email address and other is using Facebook account.

You have to confirm your email account in first method. In other method, you have to connect your Facebook account.

Mig33 Login: You can login your account from their main website www.mig33.com from your PC. You can login directly by entering username and password. You can also login as invisible.

mig33Mig33 Download: You can also use this website in mobile devices. Mig33 application is available for free download. Mig33 messenger is available for PC, Java phones, android phones and blackberry. You can also download in jar and wap formats.
  1. For Java Phones :  http://www.mig33.com/wap2/v4_60/24x24/mig33v46.jad
  2. For Android phones:  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.projectgoth&hl=en
  3. For Blackberry: http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/7281/

Merchant: You can join merchant service to sell credits and take other benefits.

There are two terminologies often used in mig33 community. One of them is migCredits and the other is migLevel.

Mig33 emo codes: There are hundreds of emo codes are available which can be used in chat rooms.

MigCredits: MigCredits is the currency used in mig33. You need credits to make calls, purchase gifts and play games. You can buy migCredits1 at More > Credits > Buy Credits. It is that easy.

MigLevel: It indicates your account's abilities. Every MigLevel you achieve is on the basis of how long your mig33 account has been active, how often you use it and what all powers and abilities your account has. Whenever you achieve a higher level you get rewarded with free migCredits, exclusive gifts, avatar items and abilities.

It keeps getting difficult to achieve the next level (requires more time and activities from you) but it's worth it because the rewards keep getting better. There are many ways to increase your migLevel. Do the following activities on regular basis and voila! , you can increase your mig33 level in short spans.
  • Login and chat or group chat regularly.
  • Keep posting your status2 updates.
  • Keep making or changing avatars.
  • Keep sharing and posting3 MiniBlog's updates.
  • Play games with friends.
  • Create your own chat room or get to become a moderator of some. Create a chat room by clicking on the "Create chat room" button (speech bubble button).
  • Send invitations to friends.
The accounts of the famous people are verified by mig33 so you do not need to think twice before following them. You can raise a flag to posts you find offending, lock your posts and block people bothering you. So, the site is safe, interesting and fun. The more you explore it the more you like it.

Note: MigCredits (both paid and rewarded) have tenure of 90 days. One needs to exhaust them within 90 days after the day they are bought.
  • Use Hash tags to make a topic
  • You can customize that who can see and reply (by locking) to your posts.
Create Mig33 chat Rooms: Only people with migLevel 10 can make a chat room. The number of people you can have in your chat room will increase as you progress your migLevel starting form 25 to maximum 100 users per chat room.