BazooCam.Org: French Video Chat Roulette Rooms

It's not any hidden fact that we all love to chat online. In fact, this is something for which most of us get Internet connection at home. The online chatting has always been a fun, and you might have dived into this sea of fun many a times.

Internet is a hell lot of fun to have chat with our loving beings, and thus to stay connected with them. All thank goes to online chatting and social networking websites. Well, everyone likes to chat with their friends and relatives over the web.

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You might also, but don't you think that it's not an end of fun. Internet is open world and you are connected only to those persons whom you already know. Should not you connect with unknown people and to make friendly relations with them? Yes, you should.

bazoocam chatThere are many chatting sites that let you connect with people whom you don't know in your real life. BazooCam is one of them that surely gets counted in the list of best 'Stranger Chat' websites. is a popular site to have chat with random people.

You just need to point your browser to '' (English Version) and once you are there, click on 'Start' and you can have chat with random people in no time.

You can have voice, video and text chat as well. The webcam window of person sitting at other end is shown on top left side, while your webcam window is shown just below it. When you log on to the website, you are asked to allow or deny access to your webcam. Do what you want.

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The Geolocalization algorithm feature of the site is just amazing, and you are told the distance of person of the person from you, the person whom you are chatting with. Keyboard Shortcuts are defined for every action which makes the site, easy to use.

Bazoocam is very popular in France, so there are maximum chances  to get french speakers during video chats. Not only France, It has huge number of visitors from Italy, United kingdom, United states and Germany.

Beyond these countries, Bazoocam has visitor from all around the world. In short, it is an ultimate video chat service having lot of fans from every part of the world.

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