99chats.Com - Create Your Own Online Chat Room

If you have a website or a blog, you must be aware that interaction with your customers, interaction with your potential customers, feedback from existing customers and clients is so much needed for your business.

To serve the purpose, keeping a comment section would not suffice. 99chats provide you a fully integrated chat solution, a chat room! With this chat room embedded in your website or blog the visitors can easily exchange their views and discuss about products or services quite easily.

The chat rooms are made available for you in certain ready-made themes. You can choose from these themes and look for the theme which suits your site the best. Not just this, 99chats.com provides you with the option of hosting these chat rooms as well.

99chatsThe creation and embedding of chat room is quick and easy. The issue of concern for some people can be hosting which 99chats is promising you to provide. So, the next main concern is cost. Don't you worry about that too as well! The service is absolutely free from start to end.

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If a service like this gets added to your site or blog, it won't only create a good impression out on customers but would let you attract more for yourself and when it is coming free of cost, what else could someone ask for. You need to simple signup and choose one chat room to embed it in your site or blog.

That's it. Now your site would be more interactive and attractive.  Along with 99chats, 99widgets.com provides some other services as well which include 99polls, 99stats, 99counters and 99shoutbox.