Airtime - Great video conversation platform

'An image is worth thousand words' is a popular saying. I admit it! But what about moving images! Yeah, videos are what I am talking about. And what about video chat? These are the things what we can't define in words. Talking about the latter, this is what most popular in today's youth.

A wide range of Internet audience can be found looking for online video chatting sites. If you are also one of them, then you must give a try to 'Airtime'.

Airtime is an online video conferencing site where you can have video chat with your friends. Yeah, you can have chat with non-friends as well.

airtimeThis site website is entirely based on Facebook. Based in the sense that you can't use this site until you login via Facebook.

On Airtime, you can do live video chat with your Facebook friends, and friends of friends as well.

Moreover, you can find people based on several filters like people near you, people with same interest as you.

When you start video conferencing, the Airtime posts the link to that conference on your FB wall so as to make your friends about your activity.

They can then participate in the conferencing, can start conversation with you. If you don't wish to record your own video, then you can pick any YouTube video as well, and can do the aforementioned tasks.

If you are looking for a good, simple and effective way to video chat with your friends, then there is nothing better than Airtime. I think you should give it a try yourself.