Omegle Indonesia - Free Video & Text Chat With Indonesians

Are you searching the waves of web to make new friends from Indonesia? There are many online chatting sites to make new friends. Oh! So you are looking for people living in India only? Don't panic! There is still a good service for you. That service is Omegle Indonesia.

If you like to do chatting and have been doing it for a long, then I don't think that Omegle needs any introduction. Just like, the Omegle Indonesia lets you talk to strangers, the only difference between the two is that the first one lets you chat with strangers sitting in different corners of the world, while the latter one lets you chat with Indonesians.

Omegle IndonesiaOmegle Indonesia is nothing less than a boon for those who want to chat with Indonesians and to make them friends. You can have text, audio and live video chat with people living in Indonesia.

The Omegle Indonesia has got nice and intuitive user interface, making the site simple to use. Here's how to use Omegle Indonesia to chat with Indonesian strangers.
  • First of all point your browser to Omegle Indonesia. Visit to do so.
  • The website is in the Indonesian language. So in case you don't know this language, better translate the page into English using Google Translate.
  • Once you are on site click on 'MULAI CHATTING' that means 'START CHATTING'. After clicking on it, you will be taken to the chat page. What's next? Nothing! Just start chatting with the person sitting at the other end.
  • If you are interested in doing video chat, then on the site homepage, click on ' Video Chatting'.
  • You will be taken to video chatting page, where the pop-up window will ask your permission to allow webcam and microphone. Just do it.
  • Your video will be displayed in the left window, while that of person sitting at other end, in the left window. If you don't like to chat with any particular user, just click on 'Next' to skip it.
That's it! This is how you can use Omegle Indonesia to have text, audio and video chat with Indonesians.

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