How to Remove Captcha on Omegle

As we know, omegle is one of the most popular random video chat service on web. To improve quality of video chat, they have made a lot of changes and improvement. Still, omegle users are facing major problems like omegle ban and captcha. Already, we posted about various methods to get unbanned from omegle. Now i going to tell you how to remove captcha on omegle?

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Reason: Its may be because you have been on omegle too long. Also, it may be you have clicked on 'next' button many time and quickly. For security reasons, they put your ip in blacklist.

omegle captcha

Omegle uses captcha to protect the website from spammers and to make video chat more reliable. But, it has some limitation also. Sometime descent user may have to face the captcha problems. There are some methods with the help of which you could remove captcha.

1. First best method is "Send Feedback to omegle Staff". Simply open home page of omegle and click the 'feedback'. And, politely tell them that you are not a spammer and ask them to stop captcha on omegle.

2. As I already said, they blacklist your ip on omegle. So try to remove your ip address from Blacklist. Change your ip address from modem setting and reset your internet connection may works.

3. Most easiest method: Just leave website and try Omegle Alternatives.

UPDATE: I have received lots of comment, Many of our visitors unable to Find FeedBack Form. I will show you how to use omegle feedback form.
  • First visit omegle website and scroll your mouse to the bottom. See Image Below.
  •  Click " Send Feedback to Omegle's Staff" button. Now enter your email address and send feed feedback to Omegle staff. Hope, you found it helpful.