Streamberry : Free Chatroulette Alternative

All those out of you who like to make new friends, must check the awesome online video chatting site Streamberry. Those who are hearing this word for first time, Streamberry is an online video chat site that lets you chat with random people coming from different parts of world. The site calls itself as an alternative to Omegle, Airtime and Chatroulette. It actually is so.

On Streamberry, you can have text and video chat with your friends. Yeah, audio chat too. People located at different corners of the world, use the site. You can have a chance to chat with them, and thus become good friends.

One of the best part about the Streamberry is that one does not need to go through any sign up process for using the site. The user interface is very well-designed.

Streamberry chat
Using Streamberry to connect with people coming from different parts of the world is damn easy like chatroulette. All you need to do is to point your browser to their official website. On the homepage itself, you will see a chat window getting loaded. Once it gets loaded, you will be asked to either allow or deny the site's access to your webcam. Do whatever you want to.

You are now just one step away from chatting with wonderful people sitting worldwide. Just click on 'Start' button that lies at the top left side. After clicking on it, you will be able to chat with strangers. You can see their webcam in the upper window from the two webcam windows located on the left side of website. The lower one shows what your webcam captures.

Though there is not any necessity to open your webcam, but it's very good if you do so, because almost every person doesn't like to chat with a person whom he/she can't see. Come on, many fake people are over the web. If you have not opened your webcam, then person sitting at other end will treat you as fake and will simply move on.

By the way, you can also move on to new person by clicking on 'Next' button. So, Basic features are similar to chatroulette. Impressed from the website? Give a try straight away and share your experience with us.