The Meaning of LOL in Text messaging and Online Chat

As you know, the online chatting is going at its best. It is now the major mode of communication along with the text messaging.

If you are also addicted to any one or both of these modern communication methods, then you must have noted many words used by people that do make some sense in actual, but don't make any sense for you because of not having knowledge about them. Out of such words, one commonly use if 'LOL'.

lol meaning What is 'LOL’?

It's an abbreviation or slang whose use is going at its best. Here is what it means:

 "Laughing Out Loud".

In short and simple words, the use of 'LOL' in any text message, chat or any form or writing, tells the reader that the writer is laughing over the situation where the 'LOL' is used.

Since in the text communication, one cannot see the expressions of other, so this is the best way to express the laugh over at any particular situation.

Where is it used?

Though the 'LOL' is not limited to any particular form of writing and you can use it wherever you want to, but the most common use is in online chatting and text messaging.

Does 'LOL' mean that Person is laughing really?

Sure, no! Not at most of times. In fact, use of 'LOL'  in past was done at appropriate situations. In past, it was used only when the person typing it was really laughing out loud.

Nowadays, it has become trend. The use of 'LOL' is common and most of people use it in the text messaging or online chatting without knowing its meaning.

Nowadays, it is most likely that if a person is using LOL in his/her message, then he/she is not actually laughing. He/she is just another nerd from the crowd who do 'Formal' chatting.

In short, the word 'LOL' is becoming a word that is perfect to end the sentence. It is going far away from its actual meaning Laughing Out Loud.