Yahoo Messenger Online Login - Instant Chat With Friends

It's not any hidden point that online chatting is what everyone likes to do. Nowadays, you can find many sites to chat with your friends, but the ideology 'Old is Gold' is totally right and suits perfectly the Yahoo Messenger.

For those who are not familiar with the Yahoo Messenger, it is instant messaging software that is available for all major OSes and mobiles as well. The messenger lets you do text, audio and video chat with your friends.

Yahoo Messenger is best known for its video chatting and Chat Rooms feature. But alas! the 'Public Chat Rooms' feature is no more. Now you can't have chat with public openly or any stranger privately.

yahoo messenger online instant chatAnyways, still many people use Yahoo Messenger to stay connected with their loving beings. One latest feature enables you to link your Facebook account with the messenger and to have chat with your Facebook buddies.

Well, if you don't want to install Yahoo Messenger Software on your system, still then 'Yahoo Messenger Online' service comes into use. Yes, you can sign in to your Yahoo Messenger from the web itself, without the need of any software with you.

There was a separate website for it in the past, but now Yahoo has integrated its online Yahoo Messenger to its Mail Box. So you get signed into your Yahoo Messenger account as soon as you sign into your Yahoo Mail account.

Therefore, just point your browser to the login page of Yahoo Mail ( Enter your login credentials there and start chatting with your Yahoo Messenger buddies and make new friends online. Yeah, you can enjoy all the features that you do in the Yahoo Messenger software or app.

The Yahoo Messenger Online service is recommended for those having low internet connection with them. Well, why to download any software, when you can have the same fun online, just by signing in? Not any benefit! Is there any?