How to chat with a girl on Facebook: Impress Girls

If you are Internet user, then chances are high that you are Facebook user as well. What's your aim to use Facebook? To turn your 'Single' status into 'Mingle' ? We have also posted about mingle2 which is a popular online dating website. At mingle2, you can find online partner from your area.

Well, We are talking about Facebook chat. Are you looking for a girl to go more than friendly with you? Well, this is not any simple task to chat with a girl on Facebook and make good relations with her. But I am here to help you in this cause. Do have a look at steps on how to chat with a girl on Facebook.

Do you know that Girl or Not ?

Facebook girls chat
You might have any girl set in mind whom you wish to make your girlfriend. But the thing here is that do you that girl in real life or just have a crush after seeing her DP?

If  latter is the case, then chances are there that she might not be in your ID and in that case, you will have to send her a request first. Along with request, send her a message as well in which please her to add you.

 Don't boast about yourself anything in that first message. If the girl does not accept request, then the matter closes here, and if she does, then go ahead.


You are quite lucky if the girl accepts your request. Now the first question that she will ask you is 'who are you'? Now don't try to be over smart here. Just tell her who you are and other details regarding you. Don't try to tell her any false information. This may not go in long run.

Show Interest and see if she shows it back

Of course, you need to show interest in her, then only the talk will go ahead. Ask her interests, hobbies, daily work schedule etc. This will tell her that you are interested in becoming a good friend of her. Also, it will tell you that if the girl is interested in you to any extent. If so, then go ahead, otherwise, don't try to clap with one hand.

Don't Flirt at Early Stage

Yes, Don't. Do you think that you are the first boy sending that cute girl a request? No you are not. She might have got many till date and blocked them many as well. If you don't want to come in her Blocked list, then better to chat normally.

Flirting is OK, but if you say that flirting after one or two day chat will bring positive results for you, then let me tell you are a true nerd of Facebook.

Friend >> Good Friend >> Best Friend ?

Ask her now So you have crossed all the stages are now in the best friends category? If this is so, do ask her out. Ask her if she can be more than friend. If the reply comes back, then bingo, it's time to change your relationship status.

If no, then come on, don't panic, Facebook has got many 'Female' users. Find other girl, repeat the process. This time you will be experience person. I hope the ideology 'Experience makes a man perfect' works here.

Although I have mentioned girls on Facebook, but you can use this method other sites like myspace, mocospace, twitter, imvu, google chat, yahoo messanger etc.

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