Camamba: Free live video Chat Rooms

Getting bored by sitting alone in your home? Internet is not helping you to come out of the cloud of loneliness as your mood is not making you to chat with your old friends? Well, don't panic! It happens!! The perfect cure for this situation is by having chat with unknown people and thus by making new friends. Online chatting site Camamba can help you in this cause.

Camamba is an online video chatting site where you can have face-to-face chat with people coming from different parts of the world, the people whom you don't know at all. By having a chat with them, you can come to know about them and then can be a good friend of them. It's always good to increase the friend list with like-minded people. Right?

Using the site is damn simple. Just log on to Camamba. Enter nickname, email ID and start having chat with the people. You need to have webcam with you so as to have face-to-face chat.

But no worries, if you don't have one, as in such case, you will be able to see picture of other person ( if he/she has opened the webcam).

The video and voice quality in chatting with people on Camamba is just incredible. You will just get addicted to this online chat sites, after using it for once.

Though you are not forced to signup to the service in order to use it, but having a free account on it will unlock more features of the site for you. You will get your own profile on the site, and will be able to join the Private Chat rooms.

This site is just better than the best for people who like to make new friends. If you are among them, then this site is recommended for you. Try it right away!

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