Omegleworld: Omegle Chat For Your Country

Omegle is a King of video chat services on internet. Although is created to chat with strangers of different part of the world, but it has also country specific sites for popular countries.

Omegleworld is that website which list out the country wise sites to chat with people of own country. You can get omegle chat for every country.

Features of omegleworld sites are exactly similar to omegle. You can say it a clone of omegle. To start chat, select your country website and start text or video chat with online users.

omegleworld chat
You need not search here and there on web, we have prepared list of all country specific omegle sites.

Here is the List of Omegle world sites. 


omegle canada 1) Omegle Canada


2) Omegle India
omegle india

3) Omegle Saudi Arabia

4) Omegle Untied Kingdom


5) OMegle Facebook


6) Omegle Australia


7) Omegle Sweden

omegle turkey chat 

8) Omegle Netherlands


9) Omegle Turkey


10) Omegle Ireland


11) Omegle United States


12) Omegle France


13) Omegle Germany


14) Omegle China


15) Omegle Japan


16) Omegle Nigeria


17) Omegle Mexico


18) Omegle Indonesia


19) Omegle South Korea


20) Omegle Iran


21) Omegle Italy


22) Omegle Philippines


23) Omegle Vietnam


24) Omegle Brazil


25) Omegle Spain


26) Omegle Pakistan


27) Omegle Russia

Simply select the room belonging to your country from above list. Omegle world select random stranger from your location and let you chat with each other. Like main website, you can do both text as well as video chat.

Hope you have found omegle for your country. If you know any country specific site other than above list, let us know via comment. We will add it soon on above list.