Tricks To Find Girls On Omegle

It is always interesting to spend time with online strangers from different countries. Omegle is a well known video chat service for random chat with online girls and guys. Every instant, you will get thousands of online users ready to chat. Most of the male users looking females for video chatting.

But, most of the online strangers are found to be male. It's hard to find girls on omegle. Luckily if you found any girl, she leaves immediately after seeing you. For such a guys, i have created this article.

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 Steps To Find Omegle Girls:

1. To apply this trick, you need to create an account with . If already you have an account, simply proceed to next step.

omegle girls video chat

2. Now you have to edit your Facebook profile. You have to fill your interest and other things similar to girls. For example, Girls like Justin bieber, cooking, flowers etc. In short, you have to make girly profile. Its better to create Fake girl Facebook account.

3. Like the popular pages that girls love most because Omegle matches the interest and likes to display strangers on webcam.

4. Go to and tick the "Use my Facebook likes" link. You need to allow omegle to access your Facebook information. Now omegle matches your likes and interests with other random users. So chances of getting females become more.

So try this trick on omegle to chat with girls. Is it working or not, let us know via comment. Also, you can share any new omegle tricks.


  1. too many guys do this so I still only find guys

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