Top 5 Online Video Calling Sites on Web

Now-a-Days video calling and video conferencing sites become a trendy advanced inclination. So many sites are online for video calling, but most of us are unaware about the advanced features and optimum uses of video calling sites and which sites provide ample advance features.

Best Five Video Calling Sites

1. Skype:
best video calling sites
It's the most popular Pc-Pc, Pc-Mobile and mobile-Pc messenger. After the release of Skype 4.0 Beta version for windows, it becomes better than ever. Its great cross platform compatibility and smooth video transfer are the main keys why the users get back to Skype.

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    skype logo
  • It has simple interface, basic set of calling feature and functionality let less tech savvy individual compile with it too. 
  • Users can add more than one person on video chat and start a group video session.
  • Users can call Pc to mobile number by taking any paid plan. These are all inexpensive.
2. Google Hangout:

It is the new addition of Mighty Google. Integration of Youtube adds fun in its use. Quality of voice and video transfer are good and can beat many competitors.
    google hangouts logo
  • Ten people can be joined together in every Hangout session.
  • One of the advantages of Google Hangout is that you can initiate video call with a few clicks as long as you are on Google+. 
  • All of it's on air, so no need to install software like Skype.
  • It does not require any account to create, you can sync in it with your Gmail account. 
3. TokBox:

Tokbox is an online feature chat administration which enables you to chat with up to 20 individuals at once. It does not require download and could be utilized with just an internet and webcam. It could be used as a part of an assortment of ways, including conversing with your family or conducting an online executive meeting.

tokbox logoTokbox is not difficult to use with self-explanatory catches and picture symbols that are extensive and simple to peruse. Once logged into your Tokbox account you can see feature messages, begin, schedule or perspective missed video chats and broadcast a chat.

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With the include catch at the base of your profile it is not difficult to add contacts to your list, or if one of your companions is now a part of Tokbox, you can look the directory. Tokbox video chat IM programming makes it simple to log into different administrations, for example, Gtalk, Facebook and Yahoo! to discover new companions or to exchange your contacts starting with one account then onto the next.

Tokbox has numerous features that might be utilized for any reason extending from business or religious provisions to educational and personal ones. For business use you can take an interest in a quality meeting straightforwardly from your web program. You can likewise record and send messages to clients or colleagues, conduct presentations and pitches and work with team members from diverse locales. 

4. iChat:

ichat is the video chatting service that comes exclusively with only Apple computer. ichat uses the latest H.264 video technology to present to you a sharp picture brimming with regular shade. An exceptional 3d perspective for video chatting makes you feel as in the event that you were sitting around a conference table with your buddies.

You can also sound conference with up to ten individuals and sound-level meters will give you a chance to see as well as hear who is speaking. ichat AV also has instant messaging ability, emoticons, content effects and more to verify Apple's item provides a quality chatting experience.

Fruit users will love video conferencing with up to three individuals at once in the extraordinary 3d interface.
ichat AV supports AOL Instant Messenger and Japper Instant Messenger clients so you can extend your chat circles to incorporate all your family and friends.

Fruit also a feature a "no talking to strangers" decides that allows you to control your children's use of ichat. They will have the capacity to send and get messages just to and from affirmed contacts in your pal list;

ichat has a superb video setup with great quality live video that lets you video conference with up to three individuals. The interesting 3-D setup makes you sense that you are sitting in the same room as your contacts. The screen might be resized.

They have an online discussion forum where Apple users can get together and discuss their products and share information that has helped them.

5. Vsee:

Vsee is one of the most featured video calling site, but for this you need to install a gateway and then only you will be able to start video calling. But the main drawback is that, it only runs on windows operating system.
It does not present any problems whatsoever with audio and video. There is no delay in transmission. It is little bit better than Skype when it comes to audio quality. User can place video screen anywhere on the desktop so you don't have to minimize it.
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Kidzworld Review - Safe Social Chat Network for Kids

Social networking is like a double edged sword. It's a great way to interact and make new friends online. Or the other hand, you have no idea as to who the new found friend is, actually, what is the actual identity of that person. He can be a saint or a devil for all you know.

Keeping all this in mind Allen W. Achilles, started Kidzworld in February 2001, for kids and teens. He wanted Kidz world to provide safety to the kids, which no other websites provide. Safety and security are almost like a passion for him and he has kept that as the core value while launching the website.

The website uses sophisticated technology along with a team of well experienced moderation team, whose main aim is to keep the website clean from inappropriate language, bullying and even protect younger users from unwelcome solicitations.

kidzworld chat reviewIf you want to use chat rooms here, first you have to create imaginary username. It hardly takes one minute. After login to kidz world you can use chat rooms and other stuffs. 

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The live staff moderates the chat room communication; they also moderate photos, videos and the articles the kids post. The advanced moderation and the behavioral analysis technology help in providing seamless moderation of the user interaction.  But as no filtration system 100% perfect, the kids may send e-cards to others if they know the email address. was designed not only to be a social network site for the kids, but also to act as a platform, where the kids could express themselves without any inhibition.

The website actually encourages the kids for writing original content, blogs, stories and poetry. The kids can also interact with other kids their age in the chat rooms and forums, which is fully moderated, any time of the day.

The kids use their user profile to show the other user about them and also about what are the areas of their interests. Kids cannot share or disclose personal information, by which they can be identified.

Though to great length for protecting the users, the teens sometimes do get their moments, they insult, get mad, express sadness, act cranky, funny and so on.

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So you understand that it cannot give you the 100% guarantee of certain comments and behavior, but these small percentages can easily be ignored as overall, you may the faith that the website works very hard to provide safety to your child. Hence their claim may seem justified that it is the first safe, secure kids social network. So let the kids enjoy!
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Lycos Chat Review: Online uk Chatting Rooms

Lycos Chat is one of the best chatting sites or social platforms that provide its service in various languages along with English. The Website is quite popular in UK. You just need to be having internet access. It is here to mention that the service may include bad contents. Hence, the users need to be of required matured age in accordance with your nation.
How it's different

Lycos Chat is the Social Networking site that adapts a whole new concept than the conventional. It is made with idea of a ship that provides a pretty lively experience to the users. In addition with chatting options with mammoth members like conventional, you can opt for chatting with the captain, or Sailor, or the smart bots. It promises the top level security feature for the users than any other social platform.

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Lycos Chat rooms uk
Terms and Conditions for Children and others

You have to agree with the condition of providing authentic, present information. In addition, you have to agree with the condition of making thorough updates.

If any user provides unauthenticated, in complete or false information, the Lycos Chat holds authorization to rubbish the account. It has the power to terminate the service for any further usage as well.

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The website is one of the most trusted centres in terms of safety of all its users. It takes special care for the children. It seeks for the parents support as well in terms of crucial information and to be specific about the services. However, the children will be able to enjoy all the services upon fulfilling the condition.

Creating the user account, setting Password 

Upon completion of the registration process, you have to make an account. It's your complete responsibility to maintain the secrecy of the password. You have to incline with spontaneous mention of Lycos Chat of any illegal use of password. Please make sure you are out of the account post every session.

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There are enough reasons those distinguish it from other social platforms as evident from the above. However, the best part we like is its concept, and moreover the kind of trust it shows in terms of security.

For more queries, or support you can go through the "Support" options at the Sign in page. You can reach there by hitting F2 button upon being logged on.
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321 Chat - Free online Teen chat rooms

321 chat is simple to work and is user friendly. Once you open the website you will realize that it is simple to use and there are many options. There are many forums. There are many interesting things you can do over this site. You can choose your own area of interest like movies, sports, entertainment or literature. The site is free for all.  Anyone can enter anytime by just filling their details.

321 chat sites have many chatting options. You can also choose your category of people options like Teens, Gay, Lesbian, UK, and Asian and many more. As per the researchers there are decent numbers of users to the site. You can talk to strangers around the globe and spend your precious time with someone you are interested in.

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You can have fun uploading pictures and comment and like each others picture. Once you get bored after chatting for a while, then you can always switch to chatting through webcam. As for the user listing, it is not mandatory to use any of the chat rooms and you can even put up your own avatar as a guest,  but if you do make a decision to schedule you open up all sorts of nice features such as having a saved profile and have fun commenting over the web.

321 teen chat rooms

There is a room for everyone. You can connect this site anywhere on Google play or the iPhone app world. You can also connect through Facebook and Twitter.  Whether you are looking for a single person or looking for dating sites you can choose your category. The simplicity of this site makes the site have number of users. You can see who is online and you can connect.

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There are people who choose the other sexuality like gay and lesbian not for fun, but to talk to them and understand them more by all means. They want to know more and more about such people. While spending some time with the other person you can also switch to playing games.

These little things help you gel better with the other person. By online chatting and dating it is not important to show off, but it is important to be honest because no will judge you with good clothes. You will be known for your name and the language you put across. This will help you grow as an individual.
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Chatib: Online Chat Rooms With No Registration

Established in the year 2009 in the month of December, Chatib has been since then successfully providing the users with its services free of cost. This easy to use website enables the users to online chat with strangers around the world and that too without them having to spend even a penny from their pockets.

The domain entails free online chat rooms in which the users can enter and start socializing there and then. It is not mandatory for willing people to get themselves registered to avail the services of the site. Using the website is that easy. All you have to do to start chatting has just provided a little information about yourself and then you are done.

Most popular in Morocco, the website plans to integrate the world together by letting people communicate without much ado. You don't need to download anything, install anything or do the set-up to benefit from the domain.

chatib online chat rooms
No registrations or other formalities required, if you are going to use Chatib as a guest member. However, you might want to sign up to avail additional services like becoming a VIP member. supports mobile, so that you can stay connected with your friends wherever you are.

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On Chatib one can find people from around the whole globe, belonging to different cultures, speaking different languages, with one thing in common - they are all willing to socialize and make new friends. With its easy to use interface almost anybody can get started on making new friends.

Provide a little set of details about yourself on the home page, click on the "Start Chat" button and get going. In the next window, on your left, you can see all the people who are online. A chat window will appear once you click on the person's name you are interested to chat with. Write your message in the box and click on the "Send" button to send your message.

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Worrying about how safe is the website? Well don't, because the Administrative Department has ensured that the experience of using the website is utterly pleasant and secure. Some countries with a bad repute have already been blocked by the officials, thereby making the user experience all the more agreeable. In case you face any problem while using the site, you can contact the back-end department any time that you feel like it, by availing the "Contact Us" page.

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Top 10 Sites like Stickam Chat - Alternatives

Stickam was one of the most popular site for live streaming on webcam. But recently they have closed service officially. But, Chatting since the advent of the World Wide Web has been a great area of interest for people across the globe. With the plethora of a huge range of free chat sites, it adds to the dilemma to choose.

However, recent chat sites like Stickham Shuffle have gained popularity. They more of a chat room that revolves around roulette services. Since this site picked up in popularity, many more new chat sites on same lines have hit the market.

Some of the best alternatives of Stickham are listed below:

1. Chat Avenue

This is a funky online chatting site that provides you with free chat rooms live. You simply have to select any of the enlisted rooms and chat. It caters to teen chat, kids chat, boys chat, music chat.

2. Tinychat

This is quite popular online chatting platform like stickam that allows free webcam chat. The best part being you can chat with 12 users online simultaneously via webcam! That sounds so very interesting. Apart from that you can also create your own chat rooms that too free of cost. This site supports textual and video chat.

3. Cupid

As the name suggests, it's a dating website and you can find guys and gals from all over the world chatting online. To get started, you have to create an account. Alternatively, you can use your Facebook credentials as well.

sites like stickam chat alternatives


It offers you a city of your own where you have a network of member customized chat rooms that have a wide variety of interests. Participation is absolutely free. You may sign up to add on the advance features.

5. Mocospace Chat

A mobile chat site that is trending as favorite amongst users. You need not to register with your email ID here. It caters to country specific chat rooms, so figuring out your local users is way too easy and comes handy on both mobile and PC versions.


Catering to all genres from teens to adults, singles to ready to mingles, students to travellers etc you have a wide range of people to chat with, all for free!.


A site that is exclusively dedicated to teens. Here you get teen chat, message boards, gaming zones, jokes and much more. Go ahead and explore!


Paltalk is another website like stickam where you get to browse thousands of free chat rooms and make your own too. The site offers you free webcam chat for up to 10 people in a go.


Having a large online community of free chat rooms and users, it also has so much do for free viz. Games and boards etc.


This is a fully featured, with state of the art java enabled chat software that allows smooth chatting on the go for free.

Patrons can easily login to these websites and while chat with people of same interest. All you have to do is simply enter the chat room and see who is online to begin. Leave your suggestion about these stickcam alternatives.
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Webcamo: UK Chat rooms with webcam

Webcamo gives a platform to all the single people who are looking to have a casual chat with someone out there. The home page is quite friendly. On the right side, there is a registration form which will take a few minutes of your time.

It's compulsory to register one self. Once you enter the site as a user, you will have an option to choose from the list. There is a common chat going on and the list of people online is adjacent to it. You can choose the person you wish to speak with.

Webcamo gives you an option to have Chats either through a webcam or instant messages. The webcam chat is free from any troubles that users face caused by the internet connection or so. Through the webcam one will be able to see the expressions and connect better which will make the entire online dating process an overall fun experience.

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The instant messaging also gives one an option to have multiple chat with people located across England. People from other parts of the world can also access it. The website is user-friendly and incase of any problems the user can contact customer care.

Webcamo uk chat rooms

Since there are millions of people who are accessing the platform at the same time, the website is able to handle it. It has been designed in a manner to manage heavy traffic effectively and allow people to have a good time chatting and online dating.

The platform will give you an option to connect with millions of people and develop your own network. The website is addictive and offers a person a chance to explore and have fun along the way. If you happen to get bored, you can turn off the chat and move on to the next person, hence you will never get bored.

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Webcamo has nice graphics and plenty of smileys which make the conversation more fun.   The platform is safe to use as personal information such as email id is also kept secured, though it is advisable to not share any personal information with the other person.

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You can meet new people, make friends online, chat with interesting people from all over the world; you can even exchange pictures with them, and even do video chat. A simple registration is all what is needed to get started.

The website has a list of strict rules and regulations and takes severe actions if any user doesn't stick to them. The website has a simple layout and is self-explanatory and easy to browse through.

Not only this, there are some other free of cost services provided by These include High page rank directory, where you can buy PR Links to increase Google page rank or submit your links for a free chat dictionary listing. rooms

The second service is where the users can choose from and enjoy playing a wide variety of exciting free online games. The third service is which is a great repository of role playing games, sports games and Flash games. is amongst one of the sought after online chatting websites available. Although it offers a lot many services apart from the chatting service, yet its online chatting is the most popular.

It is highly safe and secure and fulfills the norms of Google Safe Browsing and the website is also virus free. Not only this, the website also has a good social reputation.

Overall, provides you with a great platform to chat for free with anyone you wish to and interact with people sharing similar interests as you. Apart from this, as mentioned before, there is loads of exciting stuff for gaming enthusiasts.

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