Usa Chat Now Review - Free US chat rooms

Remember the Internet Relay Chat (IRC) days? Back in time IRC was the only available chat protocol yet it connected plenty lot of people across different corners of the world. Now that chat engines have changed a lot; the old school chat technologies are still appealing to most people, especially the teens!

Today's generation hasn't encountered how it felt like on IRC chats; because the smartphone based chat networks are lot different. is an online based chat platform where one can just start chatting with random people even without logging in. It's only been a few years since USA chat now is around, however it's growing at an exponential rate.

How to start chatting on USA Chat Now?

To allow other chatters to add and know you, you need to create a profile. For just getting into chatting without disclosing your identity, you could join the chat with a guest ID with limited functionality. However, using an ID is recommended and if you are comfortable enough put up a profile picture as well. However, a real profile picture is not needed. Just put a photo that's not something you shouldn't be putting.

The username you pick is your ID. You can choose anything that’s available. The platform algorithm wouldn’t allow using explicit or harassing nicks, though. You might just pass through the initial verification but expect to get banned in the long run.

usa chat now rooms

Every individual profile is public when they are in a chat room. Choose color schemes to make your profile look distinguishable. You could view others profiles just as they could see yours. Using a moderate sized font is recommended, no larger than 4 or 14.

What shouldn't be done?

A chat room is a public community where you are supposed to behave well. Make meetings and greeting over the USAChatNow virtual arena, try not making enemies. Sexually explicit conversations and/or hate speeches will result in getting banned. This chat network is teen-heavy and proper manners should be kept.


People on review websites have rated 80% and above scores for USA Chat Now. The network is growing very fast and getting popular as well. For decent fun and getting to know people, you may pay a visit.

Check it out now
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How to Use Omegle on Mobile

Omegle is a great service to make new friends from all around the world. The website offers interesting services like text, video, spy mode and college student chat. Unfortunately, we can't use video chat feature in mobile, but we can use smoothly rest others.

There are two ways to use omegle on mobile:
    omegle mobile
  1. You can access website just typing url in mobile browser. 
  2. You can use chat through omegle app which can be downloaded from app store.
Text Chat
  • Type  in your mobile browser address bar and continue.
  • At the top of the home page, blue "start a chat" button will appear. Click that button to start chat with random strangers.
  • To connect with another stranger click stop, really and new button.
Spy Mode

Another function that can can be use in mobile is spy mode. Just enter your question on box and click the "ask strangers". Now you can watch strangers discussion on your question.

Facebook Interest

It is another cool function that can be accessed through our mobile. By this feature, you can meet with strangers having similar interest.

College Student Chat

Student student chat newly started feature which let you chat with strangers from same universities or colleges.

Omegle app on Mobile

If you are iphone or Ipad user, there is an app in itune store which can downloaded by just paying .99$. So, I have mentioned all features that can be accessed through our mobile phones. Hope, you have liked the article.
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Vichatter: Live Video Chat Rooms

Vichatter is one of the safest online dating websites you can find today. It has a very funky view and is extremely easy to navigate through the site. You can meet up with plenty of people with similar interests and tastes and you can also check the credibility of their profile.

You can turn on your webcam after logging in and record videos and post them or you can simply turn off your cam and sit back and watch the other people on the website. You have the option to either participate in a group chat or have one on one chat with anyone you seek to video chat with.

If you have any special talents, you can also use this site to showcase your talent by making a video of yourself to get noticed. By doing this, you are allowing the fellow users to rate your talent and this opens up plenty of other options for you to get better at any particular thing that you excel at.

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This is also a wonderful opportunity for people with similar talent to communicate and appreciate each others talent. Depending on the popularity of your video clip you will also have a chance to feature on the Top10 list as well.

vichatter chat

There is also a vichatter app that can be easily downloaded on your android phones. This app is also available for iPhone users too. This makes it simpler for you to stay connected with others even when you are on the go, instead of waiting to access the site on a desktop. This is one commendable option.

Vichatter also has a set of rules and the violation of which will lead to the user being blocked. Any form of pornography is completely banned on the site. Any form of abuse and bullying is also completely restricted on the website.

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The webpage loads quickly without any problems and you will also see that there aren't too many ads. This helps in retaining the fun element of the page, without letting the users get frustrated with a new ad popping up every minute.

Users can also link their vichatter account with many other social networking sites. This also helps you check the credibility of the other users on the website. Also by linking your account with your other social media accounts, you will be able to see what your other friends are up to easily. You can also follow the new updates without much effort.

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Abv Chat - Free Bulgarian Chat Rooms

Abv chat is an online chat website created to establish online interaction between two or more people. The Idea is to meet new people and expand the friends circle. This chat website was introduced in Bulgaria with a view to interact socially with random people.

The is governed by Shake It management system and has an easy user interface system. Making an account is easy all one needs to do is select any one out of six channels as per their choice and interest, create a nickname and enter input. That's all is needed to enter this chat room. Their groups as well as individual chat rooms too, and anyone can select whichever mode of chat they want.

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The chat site is designed keeping in mind the users need. All the main channels are right on the home page which lets the user enter a chat room selecting his own preference and interest. There is a box which shows all recent updates and topics and any matter of importance to the site.

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Similarly, there is a box that shows recent updates of its popular users. The native language is Bulgarian and is mostly intended to the Bulgarian population. The site has few users since their main target is to make social interaction available among the Bulgarian and neighboring locals.

All the information about the site is available which includes how the venture was started and all the changes that took place. The site is well governed keeping in mind the sentiments and the privacy of its users.

However, there are matters of adult topics that can be entered into only with the users consent and understanding the terms and condition. The site is based for teens and youngsters, as they are known to be active in the internet world.

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Abv chat is a breakthrough chat UAT for Bulgarian as it increases more interaction between locals itself. It may not be internationally spread and is more focused in capturing the local markets. Abvchat now is regulated well as compared to when it was launched and makes sure to keep updating the interface for better experience.

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All India Chat: Top Free Indian Chat rooms

Allindiachat is a web portal, which is basically designed for overall entertainment and engagement of individuals. The website is pretty clean with ads on the sides, that are not that interfering. The ads have minimum obstruction when navigating the website. Individuals can select the version of site they want to view, which allows individuals to view the site on mobile also.

Indian flavors in the website

The website is completely Indian. Indian in the sense, the website understands the taste and requirement of Indian population and hence features a lot of chat rooms for regional languages and locations. This promotes interest of less educated internet users and allows great chatting experience in the local language.

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Attractive add on

These chat rooms also allow identification of people in nearby localities enabling dating and similar activities, which are more than just online chatting. All India chat also features some additional features like Music, Movies, Games, Free messages, Astrology, etc. These additional features allow better engagement with the website.

all india chat rooms

Specified terms

The chat rules and safety methods are clearly specified on the website enabling clean and healthy chatting experience. The website also features some privacy policies and feedback to clearly serve the customers with all information.

Technicality of the website

Allindiachat is available in 3 formats. Namely flash, java and mobile. All three options make the website easy to load. Eventually, the ads placed on the website are a bit too many in comparison to other website. However, premium trial allows individuals to get rid of the ads. Still loading and other aspects of the site are quite comfortable.

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Some listed aspects of the site do not work, which makes it a little unpredictable. All India Chat might not function on select browsers and some additional installation may be necessary. This is pretty uncommon, in comparison to other chat websites, making the site a little uncomfortable.

Login and registration

Individuals can just identify a username and login instantly anonymously or through Facebook and similar social media sites. This allows users in chatting anonymously as well as through proper profiles. Login or registering hence is a very easy experience on the site.

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Omegle Pakistan: Talk to Pakistani Strangers

Are you looking to make friends online from Pakistan? If Yes, then omegle Pakistan is right platform to find Pakistani Strangers. The website provides both text and video chat service.

Omegle Pakistan works on random chat principle. When someone enters the room it will select another user in front of that user and let them one-on-one text as well as video chat with each other.

Chatting process is simple, just have to click the "start chat" or "start video chat" button to get connected with strangers.

For Indians: Omegle India chat

omegle Pakistan chatThe chat room is specially created for Pakistan, so chances of meeting with online girls and guys from Pakistan are high.

The site has following features:
  • Chat only in text mode or text with video mode.
  • Use omegle social network to make friends.
  • Hook up with strangers on Webcam using Let's cam.
  • Find dating partner with webcam date.
  • Interact with online people on chat rooms.
Omegleword is the site which provides list of chat rooms for different countries, Omegle Pakistan is one of them. All country specific chat rooms are hosted on omegle connect. So, this was our quick review about the site, check it out and leave your opinion about the website via comment.

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Top 5 Free Proxy Sites to Unblock Omegle

Omegle sometimes blocks the users without any reason. This may be due to some people reporting the other users as spam. Omegle just blocks the user based on the spam report. This way many users are blocked to log in to Omegle and they may have to look for alternative proxy sites for logging in for the chatting purpose. For such a case, we have posted an article on ways to remove ban from omegle.

Below are few proxy sites which help in unblocking the Omegle. There are some settings which one has to set in the personal computer to access the proxy site. The explorer's setting can be changed by enabling the cookies option by going into the options menu and also by disabling the scripts and objects. There is unmoderated section in omegle which can used if you are blocked from the website.

1. SurfHidden

This is one of the best proxy sites available for unblocking Omegle. Users can enjoy no restriction and uncensored access to the Omegle using this site. This site allows people to be anonymous and helps in bypassing the restrictions from any network. There are not many advertisements which get published while using this website. This site can be directly accessed by going into this proxy site. It is very easy to use and gives a clean service.

2. Unblock sites

This proxy site helps to enter into the site for free!! Users can easily chat on the site, without getting any ban message. Just by typing the address of the site and clicking the "Go" button, users can easily access the Omegle site. The service is good and there are no ads. This is one of the best proxy sites for unblocking the Omegle. This is one of the best proxy websites, because of lesser advertisements and zero cost.

Proxy Sites to Unblock Omegle

3. Kproxy 

Kproxy is free to use but for some additional features users may have to pay. There are no advertisements on the site. The user has to just go to the website and click on the surf option. Portable version of this site is available. Downloadable version is also available. One can directly start chatting by entering this website. This site removes network blockage if any, and gives the user access to Omegle without any issues.

4. Unblock a website

This is a good option but some things as described earlier have to be set. Going to the setting option in explorer and clicking on "allow cookies" and removing the mark from "remove scripts" and ‘remove objects’ helps in getting access to proxy sites. However, in this option 'Google Translator' does not work and it allows chatting only with the local users.

5. Post48 

Post48 is one of the best proxy websites if Omegle is blocked. The user has to just enter the website in this and he is ready to chat. This proxy site is famous for no advertisements and hassle free online chatting options. It is very easy to use and available free of cost. People with little or no experience can use this as well.

Websiteproxy, hideoxy, hidebux, youproxy, proxyunblocker are some other useful sites. Hope above listed proxy websites worked for you. Still if you are facing problems in accessing the website, you should try other video sites like omegle available on internet.
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Omegle Unmoderated Section Chat

So far, we have posted about many features of omegle in our blog. Omegle spy and college chat is one of them. Now we are going to discuss another popular section of the website which is called "Omegle Unmoderated Section".

Omegle Unmoderated SectionIt is one of the section of  a website which is not moderated by omegle staff. So chances of getting bots, spammers and men are much higher comparison to omegle safe mode. You can say the inappropriate section of the website, so don't expect neat and clean chat here.

If your your age is below 18 year, then the adult and unmoderated section is definitely not for you. So stay on safe mode, stay away from this section. Actually, the section is made for old age people who want to get naughty on webcam.

Follow the following procedure for chatting in this section:
  • At the home page of the website, there is small "unmoderated section" link below big "video" button. Click that link.
    unmoderated section link
  • If your age is below 18 years, please press "cancel" button to go back. Otherwise click "ok" button to proceed further.
  • You need to allow your webcam to access the website. You can use start and stop buttons as like in safe mode. Refresh the link if it is not working.
  • You can see girls chat and gay chat links. Be careful, Clicking the link redirects you to some other adult sites.
Advantage: There are zero chances to getting banned from this section. If you are banned from omegle, then you can try this section without any issue.

In short, omegle unmoderated section is useless section made for old users, don't expect any girls there. Also, there are no option for text chat in omegle unmoderated section. You can enjoy only video chat.
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