Top 5 Free Chat Sites online of all Time

Communicating with stranger on free chat sites has always been a hurdle for most of the people throughout the world. With technology achievements and introduction of Internet has certainly helped human life to a great deal. Moreover the feature of online chatting via internet facilitates easy communication with strangers of any part of the world.

People find online chatting as best to pass their time and spends hours on chat websites. We are available with lots of chatting websites but not all of them are available for free. It’s worthy to pay to avail online chatting, following list up top 5 free chat sites on web.

1). Omegle Chat
free chat sites online
Omegle lists one of the best all time site for random video chat with strangers. It facilitates users to interact with strangers via means of audio, text and face to face chat. It allows interacting with a single stranger at a time and to you have to wait for other strangers to a bit longer time.

The site allows you to avail spy mode chat that lets you ask a question to strangers and enjoy the answers. It provides free registration and asks for interest in any kind of activity.

2). ChatVille

The site is featured to get access by creating a free account at ChatVille site. It offers you to have text chat or video or voice or cam chat with strangers. It allows chatting with four persons at single time. The best thing about this site is that you can chat as guest user. It has other features too that helps you to get engaged with it.


It is one of the outnumbered sites that have been heard by few people. To the known fact the site has always thousand of online users. Cupid is considered as the number one free dating chat site on the internet.
The site entertains users to meet guys or girls who simply want to have fun over internet. If you try chatting on internet for a goal to fall in love then it's one of the best dating chat sites you can try with.


Out of all chat sites Mocospace is one of the favorite free mobile chat sites. It has been recognised as the best site all of time that provides free chatting service. It follows simple steps to create an account within a minute without entering mail address.  The best thing about this site is that it avails option to view online users as per country specific.

5). Iddin Text Chat

This website has got a unique user interface so it serves as the perfect for newbie in the Internet world. It lacks in video chat option but allows text chat only.

It allows uploading your photo as profile picture and can also view that of the stranger if uploaded. So, Iddin is recognized as a cool website for talk to strangers on online chat rooms for free.

This article lists some of the most widely used chat sites. It's real fun to have chatting via internet. Happy chatting!!
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FireChat Anonymous Chat: Offline Android app Introduced

With the Launch of the FireChat app on iOS in just under two weeks, Open Garden has attracted everybody's attention. It caused quite a ripple as it is one of the iOS7 pioneer apps to utilize the Multipeer Connectivity Framework from Apple.

This simply means that the app will use an interconnected network involving local iPhones to come up with a localized Anonymous chat community; this is possible even without a network connection. And now, users on Android. As we speak, FireChat's Android version is accessible on Google Play Store.

However presented in a slightly different user interface, it functions just the same way the iOS app does, users can utilize it with anonymity. Despite the fact that Android lacks Apple's Multipeer Framework technology, the good guys at Open Garden have tirelessly worked on applying mesh networks to enable users share network connections.

firechat appCheck Top Chat Apps: 5 Free Chat Apps

And Now, Open Garden uses a home built framework to drive Fire Chat for android users. Maximum range for the Android connections is nearly 30 feet, but the multi-hop network capabilities by Open Garden promise a far wider distance if more and more opt to use the app.

 Nevertheless, due to the incompatible nature of their mesh networks the Android and iPhone versions cannot be able to exchange information especially if users wish to stay off line.

Did you tryWeChat - Download Web Free Mobile Chat App‎

The good news however, is that FireChats's universal chat mode is interoperable with either version, and regardless of the company’s  endeavors  to get rid of spam, the internet still proves to be unruly. But at the end of the day choosing to be anonymous does not usually make the best of people.

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Immediately after its launch on iOS, the FireChat app rapidly climbed up into the top 10 lists of various locally available App Stores, and with this Android launch, chances are that it will do even better.
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How to next or Skip Strangers on Omegle

Omegle is the one of most active video chat services on web. is a very powerful video chatting platform where you can get up to 40000+ active users at any instant.

In our blog, we have posted many solution for the issues that people are facing while using this service. Today we are going to discuss about simple problem that often new users are facing. That problem is: How to next or skip people on omegle?

how to next on omegleNew user do you know Omegle introduces the Dorm chat!

Well, its a simple and easy task. Suppose you are chatting with random stranger. There are two method to skip that stranger and connect to next stranger.

Shortcut Method: Press "ESC" button two times from your computer, you will be disconnected immediately. Now press "new chat" blue button to connect with next people. You can use method while text as well as video chatting.

Long Method:  Press the "stop" button available on lower left of chat screen. Now click "Really" button, that's all done. Now you can use "New" button to connect with another online user. Repeat the process to chat with different people from all around the world.

Hope, these methods are helpful to skip the current stranger and connect with next one on omegle. Let us know via comment, still you are facing same problem.  
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Omegle introduces the Dorm chat! [Experimental]

Omegle known to be as a free online chat website allows users to talk with strangers without registering to the site. It supports only on to one session pair to chat at random. It’s amazing that the site was developed by Leif K Brooks of Vermont who was only 18 years old.

The website started in March 25th 2008 and gained an instant response of around 150,000 views per day. The site is now available as mobile apps for mobile users.

Omegle is still recognized as the only free online chatting site that pairs up users to strangers at random. In support to text chat the site has also introduced video mode in 2010 which facilitates to communicate with the use of microphones and webcams.

omegle dorm chatThe very next year it added a new feature as a beta version called Spy mode that allows users to have two options that facilitates to ask question of one stranger to be asked to the other stranger.

Later in the year 2012 introduced a new option to input interest of your choice. With this feature allows the users to be paired having similar interests in common thereby avoids pairing with strangers unconditionally.

With the continuous update done on part of Omegle in the year 2013, it allowed streamed videos to view only for adults with age exceeding 18 and providing a moderate regulatory video section for age of 13.

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To the progress latest in 2014 Omegle is now experimenting its new feature called Dorm Chat which is valid to users who provide e mail address ending with .edu and must be associated to any of the college or university in particular.  This new feature allows the users to chat with his or her classmates or colleagues on Omegle site.

The best thing about is that it's free to use and is powered with both video and text chat. Have fun!!!
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Top 5 Free Online video conferencing sites

In this fast-paced and tech-savvy world where meetings and trainings are held over the Internet, it is very important to have the right tool installed on your system.

It has now become an easy task to communicate and have face-to-face chat with people across the globe, thanks to the development of technology. This provides the opportunity of expanding your business from local market to international platform and takes your business to a new level.

Online video conferencing simply eliminates the cost spent on traveling to farther places and also saves a lot of time that can be used otherwisefor some productive tasks. Besides, online video conferencing also enhances your online meeting experiences.

Free Online video conferencing sites

However, there are many online video conferencing websites that are available, but you certainly need that tool that is not only easy to use but also loaded with some useful and rich features. Take a look at some of the free online video conferencing sites.

 1. MeetingBurner

MeetingBurner logoThis is one of the most popular site for conducting meetings online and collaborating with colleagues and business associates. MeetingBurner lets you share your screen for better understanding and proves to be an ideal choice for webinars. Besides, Skype integration, recording and sharing at just one click, and conference lines make it to be in great demand amongst many professionals. Moreover, fast loading time and easy to use interface make it ideal for online meetings. Plus, you get to see the analytics that enables you to see the reaction of your clients on your content. Best of all, this service can be used for free.

2. AnyMeeting

anymeeting logoLoaded with rich features and functions, Anymeeting is an amazing tool that meets the growing demands of online video conferencing. With the ability of meeting upto 200 people, this application proves to be an ideal choice for large corporate meets. Features such as screen sharing, phone conferencing, follow-up, recording, and more make it suitable for professionals who travel frequently and have clients across the borders. All you need to do is download a small plugin that facilitates screen sharing.

3. TokBox Video Chat

tokbox logoThis is another popular video conferencing site that lets you conduct meetings online and allows you to take your business to a new level. One of the reliable features of the TokBox video chat is that it allows upto 20
participants. What’s more, with the integration of social media tools like Facebook and Twitter, you can instantly communicate with your clients.

4. BuddyMeeting

buddymeeting logoWith the support of up to 25 participants at the same time, BuddyMeeting is an open source tool that proves to be beneficial for video conferencing and online meeting or training programs. What’s more, this site supports chat, voice, and video and also lets you share your presentation slides. This free plugin offers a user-friendly interface and enables you to easily navigate it.

5.  Mikogo

This is another great website that meets the need of online meetings and web conferencing. It allows up to 10 participants at a time and is integrated with all major features such as switching between the presenters, meeting recording, screen sharing, and ability to pause while sharing. This great tool is reliable for small businesses and for teams where trainings are conducted online.

With these web conferencing tools, the chances of missing out an important meeting while you are away from office or traveling are matter of past now.
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Omg Chat Review - Free Video Chat Rooms

If you are looking for a video chat online then consider the OMG chat that is a free chat community that enables its users to communicate via free webcam. You may find people from all over the world and also help you create that strong communication. simply bridges the communication gap between people staying far off and help them still maintain a healthy relation.

Omgchat supports up to four live webcams simultaneously. In addition, this free chat room offers various themes to set the background according to your mood and style. Be it strangers or known, OMG chat is a great service that keeps you connected with people even across the borders.

RouletteChat - Free Random Video Chat Online

omg chat roomsIf you find someone interesting, you can invite that person for a private cam2cam video chat. This enables you to maintain the privacy level. Besides, each chat room houses 200 people on camera and text chat. All you need to do is, register with this chat service and start your video chat instantly.

ChatRT - Video Chat with Random Strangers

Another great feature of this chat room is that it does not support any inappropriate or offensive broadcasts and can also ban it without any prior notice. This means, you are assured to enter a clean and safe chat room.

Omg chat room is still believed to be in its developing stage and promises to add more exciting features to simply make the process of chatting easy and even more fun.

 Funyo - Good Alternative to Video Chat Roulette

For your convenience and keeping in mind the audience, Omg chat supports various languages such as Deutsch, English, French, Italian, Portuguese, and more. Once you experience this chat room, you will not resist yourself from visiting it again and again.

So, get the microphone ready and set your webcam and make friends and even find that someone special instantly.

Check Out @
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Top 5 Free Chat Apps

SMS has become a thing of a past now. With the increasing number of people using smartphones, the demand for building applications that bridges the communication gap and makes it easy to stay connected with friends and family increased.

best free chat apps However, there are tons of Free chat apps that are available in the app store and it becomes difficult to select the best one that meets all your requirements.

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Take a look at the top 5 live chat apps for your smartphones, iphone and PC

1. WhatsApp

With more than 300 million people using WhatsApp, it is undoubtedly widely used mobile chat app around the world. Simple interface and easy functions have made WhatsApp popular amongst people across the globe.

whatsapp chat appThe most appealing feature is its simplicity and has made it easier for moms, dads, and even grandparents to send messages, pictures, and more. What's more, the added voice message feature simply allows you to communicate without writing any text.

Hold the button, record your message and leave the button to send the message across. This is one of the must have application to be installed in your smartphone and iPhone today.

2. Skype

skype app logoThis is another great live video or text app that lets you stay connected to friends, family, and colleagues via text messages or video call in chat room. What's more, you can share pictures, videos, files, and more instantly with Skype.

Chat with anyone across the globe and keep in touch with your family and dear ones while away from home. Besides, the voice quality and ease of sending text messages makes Skype as one of the best chat application in the market.

3. WeChat

This popular chat application has been in news and is constantly compared with Facebook. WeChat is a power application and is available in 18 different languages to meet the needs of the users. It simply allows its users to communicate in their preferred language for their convenience.

wechat free chat appUnlike other chat app, WeChat also supports push to talk voice messages and text messages. In addition, you can share pictures, files, and video instant with friends and family.

Attractive layout and user friendly interface makes WeChat appealing. Another interesting feature of WeChat is that it allows you to meet new people and make new friends while chatting. This software can be installed easily and start your chat sessions immediately.

4. Line

line appDeveloped by a firm in Japan, Line integrates loads of features that makes communication simple. It allows its users to send across the usual text messages as well as lets them share pictures and videos with friends.

What's more, you can create your own group with selected friends and random chat for hours. For complete entertainment, Line lets you play games with your fellow Line users. In addition, Line supports more than 40 free apps and you can download it for free.

5. GroupMe

groupme appDedicated chatting app for group service, GroupMe is owned by Skype and works in similar lines of  WhatsApp. This application also lets you send text, video, and pictures to your friends instantly. GroupMe offers simple interface and is compatible with wide range of platforms.

So, download these good social chat applications and stay connected with friends and family and share your stories instantly.
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Whenever we think it's the dead end and now nothing can beat the existing scenario, someone or the other proves us wrong. Their unique and never thought before ideas leave us dumbstruck and give a whole new meaning to things.

snapchat chat appWe are talking about chat sites and messengers. There were numerous messenger like yahoo widely used all over the world already and then came in existence the concept of smiles or "emotion icons" (emoticons).

We did like them. Didn't we? Well, we surely did because we become excited seeing those new emoticons every time. So, for the 'sake' of invention there was nothing much in scope but these emoticons.

Year after year, people tried to bring freshness in emoticons used in chatting by new ideas, cartoons and caricatures.

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Now when we thought this area is stagnant and we would get nothing new but just new set of emoticons every month, we got a pleasant surprise. Who could have thought something this intelligent like sending our real emotions instead of those dummies?

The founders of Snapchat brought up this idea of sending snaps along with chat. There are times when the true emotions cannot be expressed via the emoticons.

Voila! Snap chat is there for us now. A quick snap should not end up being viral on the social networks therefore there is this feature of self-deleting timer with it. These snaps can be set to have a timer ranging form 1 to 10 seconds after which the snap will get deleted on its own.

How to get started?

Download the app on your smartphone(Andriod and iOS)  from the play store and register yourself (there is no option for Facebook or Google login).

Once you are done with registration process you will see the people in your contact list who are there on or if they are not you can invite them as well. The UI is quite interactive and easy to use.

For Text Chat TryChatous: Random Text Chat with Strangers

Why Snapchat is a 'WOW'?
  • If you are parent then you must know that Snap chat is for adults only. The good thing is there is a special version of Snapchat for your children called 'Snapkidz'. f someone enters his age less than 18 then they are automatically directed to Snapkidz.  The Snapkidz allows kids to take pictures and videos and lets them save locally. It doesn't allow sending them to anyone so it's safe to use for kids.
  • Features like editing pictures and adding doodles are fun are interesting.
  • Its self-destructing feature is a plus.
  • Recording a video option available (7 seconds; not so high on quality).
  • Supports normal chat as well.
  • By default one can send and receive pictures to strangers as well. We can change our privacy settings to receive snaps only from our friends.
Why Snapchat could turn out to be bad?
  • A hack reported recently claims to have hacked personal information of more than 4.6M users including their phone numbers.
  • If we are not available with our phone, we won't see the picture and it may self destruct itself.
  • A few seconds is enough time to create replicas by taking snapshots from mobiles or other photo capturing devices.
  • Many software like SnapBox available which save the pictures automatically.
  • Some say the pictures are never deleted. They are just hidden and are still traceable in the database.
  • We cannot share the already existing photos form the photo Gallery. We have to click them then and there.
Now weigh these "wow" and not so "wow" points in a weighing scale and decide if you should have this app in your smartphone.

Chect out
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